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Post Box/Card Decoration Hire

All post boxes/card boxes can be personalised with ribbon, flowers and plaques or you can purchase personalised table signs to match your colour/theme.

Wrought Iron Post Box for hire

Wrought Iron Post Box

This classic wedding post box strands 1 meter tall and can be sat on a table or on the floor.

Can be personalised with coloured ribbon and name plate.


Classic Wooden Post Box for hire

Classic Post Box

This classic wedding post box strands 23" tall and can easily fit onto a small table. It comes with a slot in card with the happy couples name on.

The picture shows small cream flowers garlands draped around the post box.


Greenhouse Card Box for hire

Greenhouse Card Box

This greenhouse cards box can have additional accessories such as lights and garlands added into the inside. Also has a white ribbon at the top to ensure cards cannot be removed.


Wooden Crate Card Box for hire

Wooden Crate Card Box

This wooden crate is perfect for any rustic wedding and can be decorated with flowers around the top and bottom to make it really stand out.


Wooden Barrel Post Box for hire

This wooden barrel card box comes with a personalised wooden sign which can be customised for any occasion. This is perfect for any rustic wedding.


Barrel Card Box

Wicker Basket Post Card Box for hire

Wicker Basket

Can be used as decoration, or to hold cards, confetti or shoes.


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