Martini Vase

Martini Vase

20" high martini vase. Perfect when teamed with flowers, beads, crystals or water beads.

Extra Tall Clear Vase

Floor standing 80cm high tall, these clear vases are perfect when teamed with feathers and .great for a welcome entrance display.

Tall Floor Standing Vase
Crystal Chandalier

Crystal Chandelier

39" high crystal chandelier. Can be used as is or add feathers and lights to make these really sparkle.

Pink Hot Air Balloon

Pink Hot Air Balloons

Pink Hot Air Balloon. Perfect as a centrepiece for a baby shower or pink themed event.

Gold Hoop

Gold Hoops

Gold Crystal Hoops with Burgundy, Blush and Cream Foam Roses. LED lights can be added along with a mirror and tea light holders.


Tapered Vase

24" high tapered vase. Perfect when teamed with feather, flowers, beads, or water beads.

Tapered Vase

Black Lily Vase

24" high black lily vase. Perfect when teamed with feather or flowers.

Black Lily Vase
Cube Vase

Cube Vases

5.5" square and 4.5" square cube vases. Very versatile as you can add so many accessories. 

Pink Fish Bowl

Fish Bowls

15cm high and 20cm high fish bowls. Perfect when teamed with flowers and water beads. 

Hurrican Vases

Hurricane Vases

15cm & 9cm gold speckled hurricane vases. Beautiful when teamed with log slices, candles and flowers.

Blue Hot Air Balloon

Blue Hot Air Balloons

Blue Hot Air Balloon. Perfect as a centrepiece for a baby shower or blue themed event.

Gold Hot Air Balloon
White Lantern

White Lanterns

White Lantern. Perfect when teamed with log slices and flowers, candles or led lights.

Gold Hot Air Balloons

Gold Hot Air Balloon. Perfect as a centrepiece for a gold wedding anniversary or gold themed event.

Silver Hoop

Silver Hoops

Silver Crystal Hoops with Lilac Foam Flowers. Mirror and tea light holders can be added for extra effect.

Love Vase

Love Vases

23cm tall Love vases. Perfect when teamed with fresh flowers and log slices.

Cloche Dome

Cloche Domes

Cloche Domes which can be filled with flowers and perfect when displayed with wood effect log slices.

Compote Vase

Compote Vases

Compote Vases look beautiful when teamed with large floral displays.


Available in 50cm, 60cm, 70cm and 80cm heights.

Small Vases

Small Vases

Selection of small vases which can be incorporated into many centrepieces.

Wooden Cube

Wooden Cubes

Gives a perfect rustic look and beautiful when teamed with flowers and tea lights.

Carafe Vase

Carafe Vases

Decorated with hessian and lace, these are perfect for any rustic wedding.